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Widely recognised as leading experts in all aspects of formulation development and dosage form optimisation.

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Quay Pharma is widely recognised as leading experts in all aspects of pharmaceutical development and dosage form optimisation for a wide range of product types, including those that have poor solubility or bioavailability.

We also have knowledge and expertise in the formulation development of modified or targeted release within the body. A comprehensive selection of supporting technologies underpins our professional expertise, and all prototype formulations undergo extensive screening and stability evaluation in a non-GMP environment.

Once Quay Pharma has investigated the fundamental properties of a drug, we can prepare a formulation development strategy to bring it rapidly and effectively to First in Human (FIH) studies and on towards clinical use.
The formulations we create are designed to match our clients’ requirements and resources precisely. Significantly, they are provided royalty-free, so there is no commitment or limiting factor on any future development.

Our work is carried out on a purely fee-for-service basis, with our aim to provide the best formulation development and the best chance of clinical success. An extensive suite of formulation development services is offered at Quay Pharma.

Development Capabilities - Oral Dosage Forms

  • Immediate release and controlled release tablets
  • Multilayer tablets
  • Immediate release capsules
  • Oral multiparticulates such as beads, pellets and mini-tablets
  • Liquid and semi-solid filled capsules
  • Fast dispersible tablets
  • Coating of tablets, capsules and pellets
  • Micro-encapsulation using spray drying
  • Oral liquids and suspensions
  • Non-sterile, live bacteria for oral delivery

Other Dosage Forms Include:

  • Liquids and semi-solids for topical delivery, such as creams, ointments, lotions and gels
  • Parenteral formulations for early phase toxicity evaluation
  • Buccal delivery
  • Nasal sprays
  • Dental products
Our Pharmaceutical Services

Drug Development Services

SGS PACE (Product Accelerated Clinically Enabled) helps you bring the vision of your new drug to life - Faster.

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Preclinical Formulation

Robust formulation development strategies tailored to the characteristics of each individual API.

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Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), including those that present particular challenges.

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Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Dosage form optimisation for a wide range of product types including those that have poor solubility or bioavailability.

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Analytical Services

Analytical specialists working alongside our formulation and manufacturing teams which provide expert advice.

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Phase I Clinical Manufacturing

Early clinical formulations and clinical manufacturing of First in Human trials and clinical evaluations of your API.

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Phase II & III Clinical Manufacturing

Fully equipped and accredited to manufacture a wide range of products for Phase II and small-scale Phase III trials.

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Commercial Manufacturing

MHRA licensed to include commercial manufacture. Services include contract packaging and assembly...

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Controlled Substances

Over ten years of extensive development and manufacture experience converting controlled substances into a variety of different dosage forms.

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Clinical Trial Supply

Complete range of clinical trial supply packaging for solid and liquid dosages. Despatched with full QP release certification.

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Live Biotherapeutics Drug Delivery

One of the few companies licensed for the clinical manufacture of live biotherapeutics products.

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Orphan Drugs

Perfectly equipped to deliver an Orphan Drug molecule from preclinical and formulation development to small scale commercialisation.

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Specials Manufacturing

One of the limited number of contract manufacturers who hold an MRHA license for the manufacture and supply of ‘specials’.

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